child’s Birthday Party

Why have your child’s Birthday party at Kids in Action?

->two gyms -Indoor obstacle course with rock wall/structured games led by party director, great for any child’s birthday party

->wood side of the gym has many games/equipment including but not limited to: scooters, balls with paddles….

->seperate room for refreshments and eating with organized gift Opening

-> activities geared toward child’s age, gender and interests

-> equipment for up to 24 children

For ages 1 to 100!

child's birthday party

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child's birthday party

Traditional Party

Ages 1-12

-> children start out in obstacle course followed by structured games done by director and then go into party room for food, cake, presents, etc.

There are a couple of options for add-ons including:

Nerf wars, ninja warrior course, black light dodge ball, and bubble balls.See below for details.

Ninja Course

Ages 6-12

-> can be combined with any other add on

-> rock wall available

->structured games guided by director

Nerf Wars

Ages 6-12

-obstacle course included

->rock wall included

-> structured games included

->can be combined with any other add-ONS

Glow in the Dark Dodgeball

Ages 6-12

->obstacle course included

->Rock wall included

->structured games included

-> can be combined with any other add-ons

kids birthday party

kids birthday party

Bubble ball Soccer

Ages 7 and up

->can be combined with any other game

-> structured games included

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