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->our infant room is for babies 6 weeks to walking. The amazing teachers in our daycare kingwood location, work on baby sign language, self-soothing techniques, building trust, flashcards, and read the book. you’ll often spot a teacher down on the floor with them. our infants also participate in a weekly kindermusik class, which is included in tuition.

->for parent communication, kids in action uses an app called kid reports, which gives parents a real-time update on everything their child is doing. each room is also equipped with cameras, which is for internal monitoring only. Come check out our great facility today!

Choosing a daycare in kingwood for your little one is one of the toughest decisions to make. We promise to love your baby as if he were our own.

childcare near me

Testimonials and Virtual Tours

Kids in action only accepts 4 infants, ensuring more teacher-child interaction. Our teachers are often spotted on the floor, playing and rolling around with babies!

The infants and toddler classroom utilizes Frog Street Press Curriculum, which works on skills from self-soothing, sign language, gross motor skills to communication, social skills, letters, numbers, colors and fine motor skills such as cutting and tracing.

Kindermusik, an international music program, is taught with an outside teacher, who has taught music for almost 20 years. Music helps babies develop creativity, memory, spatial, intelligence, math, and language.

The infant room accepts babies from 6 weeks of age, to walking, or 12 months. our young toddler room is for children walking through 2, and our older toddler room, is for kids 2 to 3 years of age.


Toddlers and two’s

->Our young toddler classroom is for toddlers 12 months and walking to 24 months. The children start the frog street press curriculum, which starts to incorporate colors, shapes, sensory play, and everyday recognition.

->Our older toddle class is for children 2 to 3 years old. This room is also our potty-training room, and our teachers, in conjunction with the parents, do a fantastic job potty training.

->The older toddlers really start learning early pre-school skills. They have a more defined circle-time, teaching more academic skills that are needed in another year.

->Both toddler rooms participate in the Kindermusik program, and have a class once a week, with a certified instructor, as well as a gymnastics/motor skills class.

->Both are included in the child’s tuition.

-> our parents have real-time updates on everything their child is doing throughout the day, with an app, called kid reports.

->each classroom is also equipped with cameras, which are for internal monitoring only. call or fill out the form below to find out how your child can join our family!

->the frog street press curriculum is an all-encompassing program. from letter recognition and early counting to colors to self-help skills.

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