Why our daycare kingwood location stands out?

Local and family-owned/operated by mother/daughter team. Kids in action daycare kingwood strive to make sure that every kid fits into the kids in action family every year knowing that they will forever cherish every moment they have spent here. One of the great things about kids in action is we offer great year-round field trips suitable for every school age.

Why kids in Action is the childcare for you and your child…

Fun & Engaging

Learning is an effect from the fun programs and activities your child will be engaged here at Kids In Action, where it being at Summer camp, preschool or movement Classes.

Our teachers not only support your child’s learning but also strive to bond with each and every kid, that is the Kids in action way!

Communication & Security

Our communication with parents is key to our hands on engagement with our students, in order to give your child the best possible care.

Security is a top priority our facility is enhanced with not only with key only entry, but also pin enabled doors and security cameras to ensure everyone’s safety.

Caring philosophy

We are more than just a childcare, our staff not only care for children but we make sure that we know the children just as well as the parents because every child is unique and talented in their own way!

family owned & local

Kids in Action was founded in 1988 and has since operated in kingwood, TX. We have always put our community first, we have survived from floods, to even pandemics and our doors remains as open as ever!

We know the community so well with our connections we are able to better connect with the public schools and not only better prepare your child educationally but also socially.

Kindergarten ready Curriculum

Our curriculum is always improving in order to keep up with state mandated requirements for grade school.

Our preschool program better prepares your child for Kindergarten. Our Preschool teachers work side by side to the Kindergarten Curriculum to ensure your child’s everlasting studying success.

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Always on the lookout and keeping everyone updated

->Leaving your kids anywhere can be daunting at times, at kids in action we put security as a top priority. Our doors have code only entry to make sure unauthorized entry is not available for the safety of everyone.

->We try to keep our parents updated electronically everyday, our Kid Reports App gives parents real time updates on activities, diaper changes, meals, etc. Teacher are also able to send videos and pictures throughout the day when applicable.

->Kids in action provides free and private facebook for almost every program we have so that parents can see pictures and socialize with other parents. We know it can be hard to capture every one of your child’s experience, we hope that by having facebook pages we can come to a junction where parents can see their child everyday at school without physically being there.

Never stop playing

Kids in Action is home to a large indoor gym which includes a rock wall, trampolines, beams, soft play equipment, etc. We host many active programs here such as Kindermusik, gymnastics, yoga which are included in tuition for childcare to preschool. For after school we have kid FIT and ninja warrior courses which kids tend to never want to go home on these days.

Our facility has four spacious, age appropriate playgrounds equipped with an outdoor classroom to ensure there is always something fun and new to explore. Playgrounds are well maintained and inspected daily to make sure they are safe for children. We also have an on-site pool that we use during summer camp for school aged kids.

Kids In Good Hands

-> our preschool curriculum guide children towards a successful kindergarten year, by incorporating humble isd curriculum, teachers at kids in action guide their teachings to fit the structure of Humble isd public schools.

->Our teachers are highly qualified and trained with updated curriculum to ensure they are teaching the right information. Some of our teachers are even going on to 20 years at kids in action.

->We try to keep ratios small for more one-to-one teacher experience. Our toddler room is 2:12(state is 1:9), two year old’s is 2:16(state 1:11), pre-school 3’s is a 1:12(with a float)(state is 1:15), and our preK room is 1:15(with a float)(state is 1:18/1:22).

->Safety is a big concern at kids in action, to ensure this we have all staff CPR and first aid certified annually. Our biggest priority is safety and staff/counselors are updated on important safety guidelines that need to be followed as needed.

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