Meet Mrs. Debbie

MRS. Debbie has been teaching music classes(Kindermusik) at Kids in Action for close to 20 years.  What makes Mrs. Debbie’s classes extra special, is she blends the Kindermusik curriculum, with Kids in Action games and movement activities, to make each class fun for every child!

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Why KinderMusik?

kindermusik (music classes) is not only a fun way to bond with your child, but they also come away with many new skills, such as: working cooperatively in a group, taking turns, waiting patiently, increases attention and focus, memory and recall, and problem-solving, as well as the ability to learn how to read music!

Fall 2020-2021 music Classes(Dates start week of Jan 11, 2021)

“Our Time” Class

(With parent)
​Ages 14 months to 3 years

​​“Our Time” brings the job of music and movement into the lives of children through

singing, chanting, moving, listening, and playing simple instruments.

Tuition $60.00/month-45 min class


Moovin’ and Groovin

(With Parent)

Ages walking to 3

The best of BOTH worlds.  A combination class of Kids in Action and Kindermusik.  Thirty minutes of KIA and thirty minutes of Kindermusik.  Get your child MOVINg!  Your child will learn to swing, hang, balance, crawl, slide, and take turns.  They will also be introduced to ball activities, parachute play, fine motor play, gymnastics, and games to explore their environment through creative play.

Your child will be GROOVIN’ with Kindermusik.  Kindermusik engages your child in music and movement activities, that also promote language, social and emotional skills, early math and early literacy, physical coordination, creativity, and more.  Plus, your child will learn basic music vocabulary and notation.

Yearly Material Kit required ($30.00)

​Tuition $65/month-60 min class

Wednesday 10:00 – 11:00

Friday 10:00 – 11:00

Village KindermusiK

11:15- 12:00pm

ages 6 months walking

Village Kindermusik is for lap babies, crawlers, and walkers. It incorporates the most current research on early childhood development and provides families a special place for learning and connecting with other parents and babies through music and movement. Take those special bonding moments between a parent and a baby and a unique blend of musical learning activities that stimulate and engage all the senses. You’ll engage in rituals and playful activities with your baby, including infant message, lap bounces, exercise, and instrument play.