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pre-school kingwood

Pre-school Kingwood 3’s class

.-> Pre-school Kingwood 3’s uses the nationally recognized frog street Press Curriculum

->individual one=to-one instruction

=>Low teacher-student ratio

->Small class size

->qualified, well-educated, and consistent teachers

->weekly kindermusik and yoga class(music lessons)($180/month value)

-Large indoor gym and outdoor play areas

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Jennifer Matzar

Pre-K Transitional group Teacher

Pre-school kingwood Transitional class

.-> Pre-School Transitional group prepare kids for a smooth transition from the prek 3’s to prek 4’s class

-> Students in this class cut back on nap time to prepare them for the transition into Pre-k 4’s

pre-school kingwood

Lisa Everett

Pre-K 4's Teacher

Danielle Stariha

Pre-k 4's Teacher

Preschool 4’s Class

-> Pre-k uses humble i.s.d Kindergarten ready curriculum, including the “handwriting without tears” program for both writing and math

-> low teacher-student ratio which allows more one-to-one instruction

-qualified, well educated, and consistent teachers

->weekly kindermusk, gymnastics and yoga(music lessons)($180/month value)

->ipad utilized, using abc mouse

->Large indoor gym and playgrounds

pre-school kingwood

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